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Microsoft's direction with SQL Server Tools

I'm with Stephen Wynkoop on this one - I'm not sure I'm too hip on Microsoft's emerging direction to divide SQL Server Tools into Developer and Admin Roles.

Stephen just posted an editorial based on an interview that he had with Matt Nunn, and points out that Matt confirmed that Microsoft is trying to divide tools along discipline lines - wherein developer related tools will be in Visual Studio (VS) and DBA related tools will be in Management Studio (MS).

Stephen does a good, non-inflamatory, review of the pros and cons - but effectively ends with the opinion that he doesn't think it works for mixed-hat DBA/Developers.

I think he's spot on. Most likely because I think that there are likely VERY few DBAs out there that don't see some part of their job related to writing, modifying, or tuning code. Even if it's just a question of creating spiffy queries based on dynamic management views, most DBAs are going to want full-powered development IDEs/tools at their disposal to quickly pound-out scripts that they'll likely end up saving and occasionally re-using.

I'd say give developers powerful tools as planned, give DBAs the additional 'DBA' related tooling, and then give DBAs the option to install additional tools and support when they install MS to their own boxes. Just make it an option. Otherwise I really see myself possibly switching to use a tool from a third party.


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