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New Release: Extra-Wide Covering Indexes

I'm happy to announce SSV's first 'guru' level video. In terms of Guru videos, I'm pretty sure that non-gurus will be able to watch these videos and learn from them, but the implication with them is that most of the nuances and some of the caveats that I would throw out or mention in 'lower level' videos are simply not there. As such, all that's left is a concise video covering advanced topics. And, in this case, this video is designed to teach viewers how to overcome the 900 byte limit for indexes in SQL Server.


Video Length: 08:11
Video Summary: SQL Server indexes are constrained to a maximum width of 900 bytes. In this video you'll learn how to get around that limit using T-SQL in order to create indexes that can be used for a wide variety of performance purposes - including 'extra wide' covering indexes.


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