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I'm Not Dead Yet

I know how it looks... only a few posts this month, and not much in the way of new videos.

But it's not what you think. I've actually got 4 videos that I'm about to unleash on the world - but they're all interrelated enough that it would have been remiss for me to launch one without the other.

Maybe by the end of the day tomorrow?

Otherwise, "I'm not dead yet", and "I don't want to go on the cart".

And to prove it, I've enlisted some Monty Python for your viewing pleasure:

(Though I do wonder about YouTube and copyright on this video - I assume it's all golden?)

New Video: Using SQL Server Templates

I've long maintained that SQL Server Templates are almost one of the best kept secrets in SQL Server. Though it looks like that's changing as SQL Server 2008 is actually including them in a couple of interesting areas (besides just the Template Explorer - such as when it detects a missing index, where it gives you the option to create the missing index - and use template syntax to name it as you'd like).

At any rate, I'm still working on the series about copying and moving databases, but wanted to put something new on the site to make sure people don't think the site has died. (It hasn't.)

And, for those of you interested in Templates, In this video you'll learn how to use, create, and manage SQL Server Templates.


Video Length: 07:12
Video Summary: If you don't know what SQL Server Templates are, then you're missing out on something that can really help you be more efficient when it comes to using SQL Server. And if you do know what they are, but aren't using them, then you should see what makes them so great. In this video you'll learn how to use, create, and manage them - in order to improve productivity.

Upcoming Videos

With my series on Backups mostly complete, here's a sneak peak at the videos that I plan on producing next, in roughly the order that I plan to work on them:

Copying and Moving SQL Server Databases (a new series)

  • Overview of Copying and Moving Databases
  • Moving Databases by Detaching and Attaching
  • Moving Databases by Backing-up and Restoring
  • Handling Login/Security Concerns after Moving Databases

What's New in SQL Server 2008 (another new series)

  • Introduction to SQL Server 2008
  • Changes to SQL Server Management Studio 2008
  • Depricated and Obsolete
  • Upgrading to SQL Server 2008
  • Expanded Data Types (datetime2, etc.)
  • Spatial Data Types
  • Hierarchical Data Types
  • T-SQL Improvements
  • FILESTREAM operations
  • etc.

SQL Server Backups (some additions to the existing backup series)

  • Backing up databases with T-SQL
  • Recovering databases with T-SQL
  • Third Party Backup Solutions
  • Speeding up Backup and Restore Operations


Creating these should keep me busy for a while, but I've already got a good start on the new Copying and Moving databases series. (I'm probably going to release them probably as a group as the first video will be very short, and won't be much good without the other videos.)