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New Video: Using SQL Server Templates

I've long maintained that SQL Server Templates are almost one of the best kept secrets in SQL Server. Though it looks like that's changing as SQL Server 2008 is actually including them in a couple of interesting areas (besides just the Template Explorer - such as when it detects a missing index, where it gives you the option to create the missing index - and use template syntax to name it as you'd like).

At any rate, I'm still working on the series about copying and moving databases, but wanted to put something new on the site to make sure people don't think the site has died. (It hasn't.)

And, for those of you interested in Templates, In this video you'll learn how to use, create, and manage SQL Server Templates.


Video Length: 07:12
Video Summary: If you don't know what SQL Server Templates are, then you're missing out on something that can really help you be more efficient when it comes to using SQL Server. And if you do know what they are, but aren't using them, then you should see what makes them so great. In this video you'll learn how to use, create, and manage them - in order to improve productivity.


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