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Comments Busted on SSV

UPDATE: Looks like comments weren't busted. Or, at least, they only appear to be busted for idiot spammers.

So... I figured it was just that no one had anything to say. But it turns out that comments on SSV are busted - worksMyMachine2 at least from updates.sqlservervideos.com over to www.sqlservervideos.com. Which is too bad - as I spent a lot of time making that spiffy and functional.

Even worse, I've tested it numerous times, and had a couple buddies test it as well. But after wondering about why NO one was posting (including attempts by spammers), I threw some instrumentation up against my comment posting logic, and every once in a while I'm strangely logging 404s when people are trying to post. And, happily (for my ego) that's been occurring with increased frequency of late.

So... if you're one of the people that's tried to comment recently, sorry for the hassle, and I'll try looking into troubleshooting what's up shortly.

For those that care: Part of the problem is that the updates/blog part of SSV is hosted at type-pad, and rather than use their comment engine for posts about new releases/videos, I'm actually posting comments from those entries to ssv.com in order to keep all comments about each video in a central location. Apparently something went wrong with that. (Though, posts like this one, which aren't related to a video, are just handled by TypePad and are working fine.)


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