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New Video: Introducing SQL Server 2008

I'm very excited to release a new video in SSV's fourth and latest Series: What's New in SQL Server 2008. And, while this first release is mostly fluff (well, it's GOOD stuff if you've been living under a rock and have no idea what's new in SQL Server 2008 - but it's all slides and no hands-on content), I've got a couple of follow-up videos planned.

Likewise, the goal of this, and all other, SQLServerVideos is to try and condense as much useful stuff into a small amount of time as makes sense. So this video works as a bit of a whirlwind that will provide a high-level overview of what's new in SQL Server 2008 for developers, dbas, analysts, and anyone using SQL Server 2008.


Video Length: 10:02
Video Summary: Curious about what SQL Server 2008 offers? Is there anything for you? Well, SQL Server 2008 provides tons of new features, functionality, and benefits and by watching this video you'll get an idea of some of the major new changes and improvements that will apply to you as well as get a feel for how the other videos in this series will play out.


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