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New Video: SQL Server Management Studio 2008

I'm happy to announce SSV's 26th "SQL Server Video" which focuses on SQL Server Management Studio 2008. It's a bit of a fast-paced walkthrough that covers about 95% of all of the new additions and features added in SQL Server Management Studio 2008.

In future videos I'll look at tackling the new date/time data types, and issues and concerns surrounding upgrading to SQL Server 2008 along with ways to determine what kind of impact obsolete and depricated features from previous versions will have on your environment. Until then, make sure to watch this latest video to learn about new additions and features of SQL Server Management Studio 2008.


Video Length: 10:59
Video Summary: In this video you'll learn about new connection management features, the Object Explorer Details Window, IntelliSense, Debugging options, and ways to change and modify new SQL Server Management Studio 2008 options and preferences.


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