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Great Resource: Virtualization.info

Upcoming eSeminar
I'll have more details later, but on June 30th I'll be presenting a free online seminar (sponsored by SQL Server Magazine) where one of the sessions will be on increasing ROI through efficiently virtualizing SQL Server.

In that session I'll touch on some of the myths around SQL Server and virtualization, and discuss why virtualization makes sense with SQL Server – as long as it's done right. (And, of course, the main focus of the session will be on 'doing it right').

Virtualization in General
Ultimately, knowing about virtualization (its strengths and not-so-strengths) is eventually going to be part and parcel to knowing about SQL Server. So if you're in to SQL Server, you need to start paying attention to virtualization.

And if you're already familiar with virtualization, or if you've erroneously dismissed it as not being relevant to SQL Server… then you need to re-asses.

Virtualization: Here and Now along with what's on the Road Ahead
As much as I love SQL Server (it pays the bills around here), I also love virtualization (it also pays the bills around here). And to that end, one of the hands-down best resources out there to stay abreast of current developments, recent trends, and potential changes in the entire virtualization industry is Virtualization.info. Granted, I'm a bit biased since I know the site's owner (we met a few years ago doing a Longhorn Server Roadshow)… but I'm convinced that if you value IT in general, and are interested in staying abreast of virtualization, you'll value this site as well.

For example, take today's great review of the showdown going on between VMware and Google. It's a perfect example of the kinds of great reviews and insights you'll find on a regular basis at virtualization.info.

I'm not an actor and I don't even play one on TV…
And no.. I'm not being paid, or 'benefited' in any way by providing this endorsement. It's just that I so frequently find myself wanting to share the great insights I get from visiting.


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