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SQL Server Unleashed – Free Virtual Event

Just saw some tweets come across the wire and figured I'd check into it: sure enough, my upcoming SQL Server event looks like it's scheduled for June 30th and it recently made the front page of SQLMag.com (SQL Server Magazine is sponsoring this event).

From SQL Server Magazine:

SQL Server Unleashed, free virtual event

Unleash SQL Server's Full Potential to Maximize ROI. Join us on June 30, 2009. Sessions will be led by SQL Server expert, consultant, and author Michael K. Campbell.

Here's a more complete overview from the registration site:

SQL Server Unleashed!

Unleash SQL Server's Full Potential to Maximize ROI

Business reliance upon SQL Server databases continues to grow. Yet fewer and fewer businesses are spending the time, energy, and resources needed to sufficiently train DBAs, developers and other IT professionals about SQL Server options and capabilities. Not only does this drastically decrease ROI on SQL Server licensing costs, but it frequently comes at the expense of making operations more difficult for IT personnel, DBAs and developers left to solve complex problems and issues on their own.
Don't wait any longer! Stop merely using SQL Server and start unleashing it to maximize its full potential! Make plans to attend "SQL Server Unleashed," an interactive live virtual event produced by SQL Server Magazine.
Join SQL Server expert, consultant, and author Michael K. Campbell in a clear, insightful, and independent look at ways in which your business can better take advantage of SQL Server capabilities to decrease management costs and improve reliability, uptime and performance.
In just three hours, directly from your own computer you will:
  • See how virtualization and consolidation benefits apply to SQL Server and understand why there's never been a better time to virtualize SQL Server deployments.
  • Learn how to best virtualize SQL Server in order to optimize provisioning, uptime and consolidation without allowing virtualization to impair workload throughput.
  • Understand the benefits and limitations of each of SQL Server's native high-availability options, and learn how to evaluate each option based upon business needs, network latency and other real-world considerations.
  • Learn the difference between High-Availability solutions and disaster recovery solutions and ensure that both critical concerns are handled in the best way possible.
  • Gain insights into what causes SQL Server performance problems and learn about the best ways to profile, load-test and tune SQL Server workloads rather than just throwing more and more expensive hardware at each problem as it is encountered.
Gain valuable insights as these topics are covered in detail. Each session also includes sufficient Q&A time to make sure that your questions are answered. Boost ROI and improve your business' bottom-line. You'll also be able to improve stability, increase up-time and maximize performance. Time to unleash the power of SQL Server within your organization!

Otherwise, you can find details about all three sessions: SQL Server Virtualization, SQL Server High Availability, and SQL Server Performance here.

The event is free, and registered participants get a free one-year (DIGITAL) subscription to SQL Server Magazine. So either way you slice it, it's a great deal.

Great Resource: Virtualization.info

Upcoming eSeminar
I'll have more details later, but on June 30th I'll be presenting a free online seminar (sponsored by SQL Server Magazine) where one of the sessions will be on increasing ROI through efficiently virtualizing SQL Server.

In that session I'll touch on some of the myths around SQL Server and virtualization, and discuss why virtualization makes sense with SQL Server – as long as it's done right. (And, of course, the main focus of the session will be on 'doing it right').

Virtualization in General
Ultimately, knowing about virtualization (its strengths and not-so-strengths) is eventually going to be part and parcel to knowing about SQL Server. So if you're in to SQL Server, you need to start paying attention to virtualization.

And if you're already familiar with virtualization, or if you've erroneously dismissed it as not being relevant to SQL Server… then you need to re-asses.

Virtualization: Here and Now along with what's on the Road Ahead
As much as I love SQL Server (it pays the bills around here), I also love virtualization (it also pays the bills around here). And to that end, one of the hands-down best resources out there to stay abreast of current developments, recent trends, and potential changes in the entire virtualization industry is Virtualization.info. Granted, I'm a bit biased since I know the site's owner (we met a few years ago doing a Longhorn Server Roadshow)… but I'm convinced that if you value IT in general, and are interested in staying abreast of virtualization, you'll value this site as well.

For example, take today's great review of the showdown going on between VMware and Google. It's a perfect example of the kinds of great reviews and insights you'll find on a regular basis at virtualization.info.

I'm not an actor and I don't even play one on TV…
And no.. I'm not being paid, or 'benefited' in any way by providing this endorsement. It's just that I so frequently find myself wanting to share the great insights I get from visiting.

Review: Toad for SQL Server

Toad for SQL Server just took Best of TechEd 09 for Database Development.

And I'm not surprised.

For the May issue of SQL Server Magazine, I took Toad for SQL Server for a test-drive, and I was floored at how responsive, capable, and CUSTOMIZABLE it was. In fact, the Technical Editor for my article was a bit worried that my article came across as tooo glowing.

Short story though? If you're not impressed with some of the limitations that SSMS currently 'enjoys' make sure to give Toad for SQL a test-drive. It's quite compelling – especially for developers.

Site Updates

About a week ago I made some minor changes to the site – in terms of video playback. Specifically, I changed playback to include a new set of controls that should make it much easier to pause/resume videos, as well as fast-forward and rewind on-demand.

I'll be adding a few other minor changes over the next week or so, and then I'm planning on going silent for a week or two as I create a handful of new videos.

So stay tuned…