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Worthwhile SQL Server Blogs

Not sure what my deal is, but I subscribe to tons of SQL Server blogs, yet actually read very few. Actually, probably part of why I don't blog too much on my own is that it seems like so much about SQL Server is already covered. And, sadly, many blog posts out there are commonly just a re-hash of things that have already been covered (to some degree or another). Obviously, there are some big exceptions, and so on.

But over the past few months I've really noticed that I've enjoyed two blogs on a very consistent basis, so I thought I'd send out links to them as well.

The Rambling DBA
Haven't quite figured out why, but Jonathan's blog posts at The Rambling DBA almost always get my full attention. He's usually writing about great topics that seem to be aligned with things I'm frequently working on or with. So make sure to check out his blog (though he's apparently been called up to active duty – so get him before his… hiatus kicks in).

Brian Egler's SQL Server Strategies
I've been keeping an eye on Brian's posts at his SQL Server Strategies blog for quite a while now. He occasionally hits… drier spells where there isn't as much coming from his spoutlet, but whenever something comes out, it's almost always awesome. That, and he's really been on a kick lately – with a definite up-tick in the amount posts of late.

My Blog?
And.. for those of you wondering what's up with my blog here? I'll let you know when I get it figured out. ;)

Largely (i.e., my excuse), I've just been swamped with a couple of big projects, some well-earned vacation this summer, and preparing for 3 hours of kick-ass content for my upcoming Power-Up with SQL Server presentations. So… my goal is to start blogging a bit more here and there over the next few weeks, and then by mid September I'm also hoping to get started on a couple new serieseseses (wish there was a clean way to pluralize the word series) of videos.


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