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SQL Server Community

My personal philosophy is that when you give, you actually don't lose anything. Instead, you gain something. Sometimes putting that philosophy into practice can be tough. But I'm convinced that putting the true spirit of giving to the test is a great way to build character – and make a better world.

Consequently, my most recent DevProConnections Update was about unsung benefits of SQL Server. Specifically, I addressed three aspects of the SQL Server Community that I really love and appreciate.

Two other recent events have also helped increase my respect for the SQL Server Community as well.

Interactions with Other Consultants
Over the past few weeks I've had the opportunity to speak with a couple of other SQL Server Consultants – that I didn't know previously.

During these interactions we've talked shop a bit and/or talked about ways to lend each other a hand with various projects here and there.

In each case though, these interactions have been great – meaning not only professional but cool in the sense that it almost seemed like I was talking with instant/old friends. Which is all the more cool given that these other consultants are technically my competition.

Brent Ozar's Interviews of Pass Candidates
Another great aspect of the SQL Server Community that I've enjoyed over the past few weeks has been Brent's great series of interviews with PASS Board Member Candidates. Brent sent off a questionnaire to this year's candidates, and has been posting their replies on his blog:

Reading through these replies so far has been very enlightening – and it's great to see these candidates express similar sentiments about how great the SQL Server community is and how great it is to belong to that community.