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Recent Links and Resources

Despite a lull of activity on this blog during the past few months, I was actually fairly busy. (And I’m also formulating some actual plans to create new videos here in the next few months.)

SQL Server Performance Resources

During December and January I provided three ‘guest’ posts for the SQL Server Performance Blog managed by idera. The posts were:

Using Multiple Files
The benefits of using multiple files is one thing that constantly causes some confusion among DBAs – largely because of a couple of bits of bad advice and some myths that have made their way into the collective SQL Server consciousness. That said, leveraging multiple data files can be a great way to pick up performance improvements – and this post outlines some of those use-cases along with potential pitfalls. [link]

Don’t Forget Application Caching
Caching continues to be one of the best ways to improve performance. And while application caching is typically outside the realm of what many SQL Server Performance tips focus on, failure to address caching opportunities at the application level is a great way miss out on huge potential performance improvements. [link]

Removing Unused Indexes
How many indexes are too many? When should you remove an index? Those are all tough questions that require a lot of  different considerations. I’ve outlined many of them in this post – but not all (check out, for example, the 2nd comment on this post that links to an article by Rob Farley touching on how DMVs might provide erroneous information.) [link]

White Paper: Essential Performance Tools for SQL Server DBAs
During December I also authored a white paper for idera (that was published in January) – designed to to help new/reluctant DBAs get started with SQL Server Performance tuning by exposing them to some of the key tools available for performance monitoring and tuning used by the pros.

This paper can be found on idera’s Resources page (in the Whitepapers section, entitled: Essential Performance Tools for SQL Server DBAs).

Expert SQL Server Recommendations for the New Year

The new year is already well under way, but if you missed Megan’s blog post on recommendations from SQL Server Experts, you’ll want to check out some of the advice offered by various SQL Server Editors and Authors listed on her post. Listed is some great advice on database administration, BI/DW tips, insights on what to do about the cloud, and lots of similar advice on the importance of making sure that your data is accurately backed up.

And, if you’re not sure about your backups, then you really need to GET sure about them. And if you need a place to start, I would (obviously) recommend a series of great, free, videos that can help you get started with the core concepts, considerations, best practices, and even step-by-step details of how to get going with your own SQL Server Backups.


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