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SQL Server Remote Availability

Ever wonder what your organization would do if you lost an entire data center? Do you already have plans in place to migrate operations to another location?

Later this month I’ll be presenting on SQL Server Remote Availability – how it differs from High Availability, and how to determine whether it’s something your organization needs or not.

Content from this session will primarily be based upon real-world problems and solutions pulled from experiences with my SQL Server consulting clients.

Here’s a copy of the Event’s Abstract:

SQL Server Remote Availability: Problems and Solutions that Work
Are you confident that your data is as protected as it needs to be in order to ensure business continuity even in the face of a disaster? Many organizations today are focused on ensuring that mission-critical data meets stringent service level agreements to ensure high-availability in the case of system or hardware failures. But have you done enough to ensure business vitality in the case of a system-wide failure or the loss of an entire data center?

Join independent SQL Server expert Michael K. Campbell for an informative review and overview of how Remote Availability (RA) differs from Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability (HA) solutions. By attending this seminar you'll learn about evaluating the degree of protection that your data needs, and gain valuable insights into how to set up, manage, and test your own RA solutions. You'll also learn about common pitfalls, considerations, and overall best-practices for helping ensure business continuity in the face of potential disasters.

The event is organized by Windows IT Pro / SQL Server Magazine, and is sponsored by Vision Solutions.

It’s FREE and takes place on February 23rd.

Signup / Details

Hope to see you there.


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