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Blogging Links

Just a quick heads up that in addition to occasionally blogging for Idera’s SQL Server Performance Blog (where I recently touched upon Quickly Validating SQL Server Configuration Settings and on Ensuring Proper SQL Server Connection Pooling) I’ve also started blogging with SQL Server Magazine as well.

Practical SQL Server Blog

My goal with my Practical SQL Server Blog is to focus on hands-on/practical topics that are geared mostly towards reluctant and junior-to mid-level DBAs and developers who want to know more about how to effectively leverage SQL Server.

I’ve already provided a number of posts there, including a post on the importance of SQL Server Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives and an introduction to SQLContinuitySIM – a free tool that I’ve made available on my SQL Server Consulting site to allow DBAs to easily test RPOs and RTOs when testing/evaluating their disaster recovery plans.

(And, no, I haven’t forgotten about SQL Server Videos. I’m currently working on a bit of a revamp of the site to make navigation a bit cleaner and easier, and I’ve already slated a number of new videos that I’ll be working on this year as well.)


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